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I'm so happy you've decided to sign up for my Pet Earthquake Disaster Checklist. It was through my very own earthquake experience this week that I realized I wasn't prepared for such a disaster. 

The recent Ridgecrest earthquakes in California impacted us in Las Vegas. It was scary for us and very scary for our dogs. I never thought we would experience a 6.7 and 7.1 earthquake in Las Vegas. The last thing I wanted was to be caught off guard and not have a plan or a pet disaster kit ready to go. This experience prompted me to prepare my own Pet Earthquake Disaster Checklist and kit, and share it with my listeners. 

Due to this frightening experience I switched the topic of my radio this past Saturday to How To Prepare Your Pet For An Earthquake. You can listen to it here

I do hope you find the checklist helpful and would love to hear if there is anything else I should add to the list.

It's so worth taking the time to prepare a disaster kit just for your pets. After all they are our most precious family members.

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